Curriculum Vitae.



2009 - present, self employed;website on  video, eBooks, Games, and music with merchandise. Dell server, file management, statistics, HTML, submissions. Vauxhall Omega 3.2 V6, Panasonic 3CCD HD mini DVD camera, ASUS I-core 3 PC, Lenovo idea pad intel atom PC, Fostex Mixer, Phillips HD Monitor, Creative 7.1 sound, Casio keyboard, Technics Stereo system, HP PC & Samsung monitor, HP printer & photocopier / scanner, Cisco routers & switch, bt voyager router, 24 speed Carrera Valour mountain bike, Nokia 5 & HTC & Samsung GT phones,  Magix sequencer, Microsoft windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, Visual Studio 2003 / 2008 / 2015, 2019. Broadband 2/3/4G, memory media.


2009 - present Hozacre, self employed; website from, file management, statistics, HTML, prose, broadband, pricing, samples, tags, invoice, banking and account.


2021 Bing advertising, account, banking, app, adverts, prose, statistics, schedule, and geography.


2012 Microsoft advertising, account, banking, advert, stats, area, location and achedule.


2009 – 2020, website advertising, Google Adwords and google Adsense, HTML, geography, tags, adverts, time, schedule, bids, banners, banking and accounts.


2010 Swann alarm set up, powering and configuring.


2008 – present

Watching the market, publishing, photos / images, purchasing and selling of I.T, communicating with traders, use of PC or phone, email, bulletin board, invoices and account.


2007 - 2018, self employed; website on videos, prose, statistics,  promotion, viewing, tags, management. Peugeot 106 independence car, Vivitar & Samsung digital camera, Sony & Panasonic 3ccd hi 8 cameras, Pentium 4 PC system, Fujitsu Siemens intel Amilo pro laptop, Nokia 8 series phone, DVD burning, back up / transfer, internet broadband, Windows XP, Vista, 7.


2010 present managing gardeners & wages, then for grass cutting, bushes and litter.


2002 - 2003 Kodak weddings, video production, Sony video 8 & Olympus 35mm camera, lighting Hamel, editing & duplication Phillips, Nokia mobile phone.


2003 alarm supply, programming, powering and configuring. Swann. Flood lights and wiring, drilling, fixing  power supplies.


2001 -2002 Telelarm Care ltd, Door entry engineer; service / repair phones, locks, call panels, systems (GDX, Tunstall, Entrotec etc), intercoms, fire alarms, reports, tools, orders / parts (phones, panels, speakers, buttons, fuse, batteries, locks etc), vehicle Vauxhal Astra DTI, ford escort 1.6, phone, travel, keys and supply / program security keys / fobs etc. Dorling Kindersley human body 2001.


2000 - 2000 35mm Vivitar & olympus camera, photography in Jamaica.


1998 – 2001 Dr / Psychiatrist, Handsworth.

Clinical Trial


1998 - 1999 Manuscripts * 2, 1  poetry book.


1998 Lighthouse facilities, editing on VHS edit suite and duplication.


1997 - 1997 Video Production Wedding, Vivid.


1994 Lighthouse production kit for wedding at registry office and reception hall.


1994 - 1994 Video Production Carnival, Vivid


1994 The depot facilities, cameras and recorder with lights, tripod and sound kit.


1993 - 1993 Video Production Funeral, Birmingham centre for media arts.


1993 - 1993 Alarm engineer Micro mark, fitting, testing, repair, diagnostic, programming.


1992 - 1993 H.M. Customs & excise, administration assistant, photocopier, processing files, filing, travel, Peugeot 105 1.2, phone, various locations.


1990 - 1991 Redundancy payments / Insolvency Service, administration assistant / officer, filing, data input, processing files, phone, post, printer, photocopier, calculating claims.


1990 - 1990 Video Production Concert, plays * 3. Macro Films Ltd, Trade union resource centre.


1990 - 1990 Henrys Cafe Bar, barman; cash & card handling, float, serving, collecting, dishwashing, decanting, preparing drinks from customer or printout, emptying rubbish.


1988 - 1990 Video Production, weddings & reception, Trade union resource centre.


1983 - 1983 Paper boy, delivering paper, returning papers.




2021 – present a dictionary of physics by oxford university press. DVD media


2009 – 2021 Dr / Psychiatrist, Nechells, Small Heath.

Clinical Trial, Collins dictionary of medicine 2012, blacks student medical dictionary 2016, Oxford concise colour medical dictionary, the British medical association, concise guide to medicines and drugs 2002, the dictionary of modern herbalism 1985.


2014 - 2014 Budokhan gymnasium; Karate wado ryu, yellow belt, the way of harmony, ju jitsu. Art of empty hand. 1 -2 - 1, opponents.


2011 – present Yarvik tablet, software engineering, media, WIFI, photo and bandwidth.


2007 - 2008 Halfords Appollo: All terrain bicycle training, 18 speed road.


2005 - 2008 Weider & Alexander stadium gym; Weight lifting Gym, Dum bells, bar bells, pro weight, nutrition, running 2 miles, vital stats, multi gym.


2004 – 2009 Dr / psychiatrist, Ladywood.

Clinical Trial, apple mac 2, all in one computer. Psychiatry notes for revision.


2004 - 2006 University of Central England & Birmingham City University

Computing & electronics Certificate of higher education: networking CCNA 1 - 4, Business Communications And Technology 1 - 4, Programming C 1 - 4, Maths 1 -2, embedded systems 1 - 2. PC, Cisco, Mini computer, printer, mouse, monitor, scopes digital / analogue, Borland.

EI system PC, DVD, printer, monitor, Microsoft office, Borland C, schematics, Yourdon, p-spice.

Course regraded to A Level 2015.


2002 – 2004 Dr / Psychiatrist, Handsworth.

Clinical Trial, British National formulary 2003. First Aid manual 2002, St John Ambulance, Mental health law, policy and practice.


2000 - 2001 Commodore computers

Commodore Amiga 1200 + accelerator, modem, monitor, mouse, programming in Amos, HTML, Music X, work bench 10, internet Ibrowse & website, ariston double tape deck, equaliser, amps and Hitachi ghetto blaster. Designing internet home pages made simple published by Butterworth-Heineman


1999 Highcroft hospital, Dr, psychologist, nurse, clinical trial.


1999 - 1999 Training and business group

Computers & electronics City & Guilds, NVQ 1: digital / analog electronics, IT, tools & components, drawings / schematics, service / repair.

Mountain Bike training, 21 speed, word processor, and PC.


1996 – 1999 gardening and cutting the grass, with Flymo and trimming bushes with hedge cutter.


1995 - 1997 Handsworth College

Computer studies BTEC national: Maths, communications, programming pascal, accounts & auditing, small business systems, information systems, computer systems. PC / Server, printer, monitor, mouse.

Amstrad 9512 Personal Computer Word processor, printer. Word processor type writer.


1994 - 1995 Handsworth college

English A level GCE N

Brother LW20 wordprocessor

Bike Bicycle Motor (cross) X training


1994 - 1995 Broadway night school

Mathematics GCSE C


1992 - 1994 Corinthians & Curves leisure centre

Multi gym, tread mill, weights.


1993 gardening cutting the grass with Flymo and trimmer.


1993 Pericom  386 PC, Tandon 286 PC, windows 3.1, DOS, Qbasic, excel building, puzzles, software and word processing..


1989 – 1993 Dr / Psychiatrist, Psychologist, All Saints Hospital.

Clinical Trial, apple 2e micro computer.


1989 - 1990 Handsworth leisure centre

Multi gym, weights., swimming.


1987 – 1989 Dungeon / basement / Brigg, Hockley.

Clinical trial, sound system.



1987 - 1988 school of motoring, driving license

Alfa Romeo, Alfa Sud 1.5 ti, Ford Fiesta 1.0l


1987 - 1989 Manpower Service commission & community roots.

Youth training scheme: Macro Films Ltd, Central TV, BBC; video hi band, low band, VHS / umatic, sound, lighting; blonde, red head, graphics; Quantel, harry paint box, telecine, transmission, advertising debut, 3 machine editing, film (rubber numbering, developing, editing), research, editing news and shoot, “Whos next, Central weekend and more”; Ampex, cameras; Panasonic, Sony. Pre production, post production, production

Nissan Blue Bird 1.6, Volkswagon Golf 1.3


1987 - 1989 Sandwell college

Media & television studies, city and guilds, video, cameras, editing, auto cue, studio, portable.


1987 - 1989 Handsworth college

Cambridge Information Technology databases (Dbase IV), Word processing (word star)

English GCSE C


1986 - 1986 Holyhead night school

judo, jikishin-ryu, yellow belt, way of gentleness, bushi, budo, unarmed combat.


1983 gardening, cutting the grass with a Qualcast grass cutter.


1982 - 1987 Saint john wall Roman Catholic school

football, division 2 and 3 team member, cricket, table tennis, swimming, athletics, represented west midlands discus, cross country league champion, bike, bicycle moto cross rustler, micro computer, commodore 64, Hitachi, duplicator

English language CSE 2, English Literature CSE 3, Maths CSE 3, Geography GCSE C, Physics Award, CDT Technology CSE 4, Computer studies CSE 2, Religious  education CSE 3, Technical drawing CSE 1, AAA Pentathlete grade 5.

Home work physics and more plus medical pharmacology.


1976 - 1982 rookery road infant & junior school

chess, league champion team, represented Birmingham, ranked No. 2. bike Raleigh boxer, Raleigh chopper, Hitachi; microphone, turntable, amplifier, radio, tape deck. Football, Cricket, running, league champion team member, swimming award bronze. Reading English, hand writing, mathematics, plays actor, singing, painting and projects. Medical biology, anatomy of the body home work plus medical pharmacology.


1976 – 1982 G.P. Surgery & St James Handsworth

Clinical Trial


1973 G.P. surgery Stockland green

Clinical trial


1973 – 3 days Slade road nursery

Toys, paddling pool and listening to stories.



** Note: spring hill 1990, lozells 1982 / 88 and Birmingham 1987 also scenes of clinical trials.

·       Note 2: contracted at zero contract hours! Aston Villa memorial park left panning.