When you join a bank they say it is safe. There is no mention of failures in security except that your money will be covered by various methods such as being part of the financial services compensation backed schemes.


Now not many of us will be aware that over ten attempts at robbing a bank are done every day, but we do not know how much money has gone. It�s not so easy to rob a bank as it was, for certain we have to meet strict rules when withdrawing money.


But banks here and abroad seem not to be able to shake off the thief. Be it CCTV, security guards, limiting the amount of cash and so on, money draws all types of criminal who will work on how to get the money out.


For a long time bank fraud has been in place, be it when the cheque had to be cleared of funds so no bounced cheque, credit cards needed clearing and deposits could not be with drawn until cleared.


So what has happened to make the crime banks go through come back, they just get on top of one crime and then another one appears. That is the now cyber crime where guns are not the threat but computers.


To understand what has happened is that the banks lost millions over the years from card theft. They then brought in systems to detect irregular payments or more secure the verification scheme, where the person is contacted to verify payments.


If you had card details that often got stolen from a bank or business associated with banking such that the financial details of a person were gained there were numerous ways to use the information, such as often found on the internet at bulletin board services for example. But that must be cracked now as the law also changed for people who provide services not to allow publishing of sensitive data.


It is simple as the crime wave travelled through the world and more money was stolen, governments, courts and financial services had to do something and that was change the law, the way things work and who can be held responsible.


Websites found on the dark market are now closed once found to be dealing in illicit items that enable crime. Not only were software and equipment available on dark markets but also the likes of drugs, pornography and even money that was fake.


So being able to clone a bank card has been made harder as now no equipment on sale. Just if some one can still skim an account number from a cash machine user and get their pin is it possible to get the cash. That would mean heading to another country where they are slow to take up security measures like in the United Kingdom.


Ecommerce goes on around the world so it may not be cash that is now being stolen, as instead it will be goods. But believe it or not a sale on a fraudulent payment has to be paid by the sales person that is a clause with all Visa, Master card or American express for example.


For everything stolen the consumer has to foot the bill. If a business goes bust the government will write off the money if there is none and so the country�s inhabitants / consumers pay again.


All money when stolen can be recovered if they catch the thief through proceeds of crime act and the courts. But the majority of money never gets found, the Police set up the serious organised crime branch as they found it is serious amounts of money that seems to be going. They say it is organised for the likes of how the money went for example a mugging, a burglary and the theft of details to the money being used from the bank and the sales of items to the disappearance of the trail as they only caught some parts of the trail in instances when the money ended.


An auditor would look at details of all the monies to hit a dead end, which use to be blaming the customer but the Police had evidence which set the customer free. Be it the Police have started to back away when it came to investigating things that come to a dead end. What I mean is you have to demand for the Police, you have to pressure the bank or as it has been found you�ll foot the bill.


When unaware of how bad people are and your on the internet it is often one thing a new friend might want and that is for you to be a mule. Basically depositing stolen money into your bank account and making a withdrawal in your name so they can not be caught. There are many ways this can work if you think it is daft be it a date on a dating site who takes your money instead to the emergency story of in need of help that you have never heard of before.


It is said just not having anti virus software or unable to protect your phone or PC means Malware and other types of viruses can be installed as part of a plan to rob. People often think that it is my internet address they want off the internet so go proxy or VPN for anonymity but this does not stop access to the system you�re using. For once a virus is on the computer or phone like a worm then it can get what details needed to start.


May be it is a shot in the dark to think Google a respected site would have no virus but they had to admit some software vended by them needed to be removed due to virus issues. So when not getting robbed at the bank and they set all the security up other companies have fallen prey who we might use.


Hearing Bill Gates one of the worlds richest got robbed on his computer he called the type of secret services and the man was caught from abroad. Oprah Winfrey the millionaire also had money stolen from her bank account and used the Police but no money back.


What you can do is always scan your computer with software or manually, if you get an idea of how your computer works or phone you will see when it�s gone funny.


So technology has been a route for crime to appear, when torrents took the place by storm money was lost once again. But not many believed that would be pirate. Pirate has been around for years and technology was developed to stop this. It worked at the start with encrypted methods but soon failed as the encryption was either broken or just copied.


Microsoft had with its windows XP seem to announce the death with ripping of compact discs, but Apple put a lock on their tracks they sold in Itunes which eventually was broken as well.


Where is all this happening and nothing stopping the situation. In came monitoring of the telephone laws by the government to keep a records of all telecommunications up to a period when made. Not tap the phone but instead a log what you done. As people torrent that is like file transfer protocol gone automated, internet service providers have been issued the command to interfere. This could be a letter, slowing of bandwidth or total ending of a contract depending how serious.


So we are being monitored, for in the days of citizen band that was monitored as well with AHOC listening to chatter on the air waves by departments from the government.


You might say why me, but the hacker has got up to warfare, simple things like distributed denial of service attacks means that you�ve met the sphere of where defence has had a problem. Banks, businesses, and government have been put out of action. It said just one virus can cost thousands of pounds to a persons business to put right. Then came the terrorist who went extreme in what hacking knew.


Who will take the blame as the likes of Cisco made devices that had measures to stop hacking yet professionals found ways to route through defences of Cisco equipment. It got so bad that security can now use drones to find who is on a network be it due to espionage for there is a response team who will track the logged on system. When a call back computer action was all you needed, no one trusts the password in authority but instead will track to position when concerned.


Should this be a problem when every one is virtually vetted at university, college and shops only sell with identity?  Well the fact is before these measure came into play those systems still at work today had gone rogue. Administrators gave away, sold and even broke in themselves ways which made systems vulnerable to access, an existing problem.


Not only the computer systems that were broken but also postal systems which now have inspection when needed and then payroll at work places when payroll accounts were robbed by insiders.


There were many types of ways to hide the money such as with brokers that now have rules to go by or institutions abroad that now report back on you.


Security fix is how it is now put and updates as keeping abreast of situations means constant development. In the days of Donkey Kong no such thing it was wide open and breaches were easy. Methods from the 1970�s / 80�s still work like memory dump, for protected software to be broken into. All the downloads people get from pirates are based on later years methods.


Around the world spam emails keep going that is an access point to a problem when justified. Verizon or Mcafe are specialist that stop Trojans and the likes. To round it off as the treasure goes missing a whole new ball game comes into play that is founded on security!





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